Die Oldenburger Zahnärzte
Die Oldenburger Zahnärzte
Die Oldenburger Zahnärzte

Welcome to „Die Oldenburger Zahnärzte“

The Oldenburger Zahnärzte has been established in 1992, and is the centre of excellence for Dentistry in Oldenburg with the goal of creating beautiful, confident smiles for life! We are no ordinary Dental practice, infact we believe we provide a uniquely different experience and a range of dental services all under one roof. In our modern, relaxed and comfortable surroundings, our emphasis is on providing high quality patient care.

  • General dentistry (Fillings, Root canal treatments, Scaling etc )
  • Cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry (minimally invasive fillings, Veneers, Crowns and Bridges)
  • Oral surgery and tooth Implants ( Removal of teeth and  wisdom teeth, Bone reconstruction and augmentation, 3D Planning and DVT, etc)
  • Orthodontic treatment (Inline - alignment of teeth with invisible splint )
  • Pediatric dentistry (Children dentistry- We have friendly zone for  our special guests)
  • Periodontal surgery (lasers, management of soft tissues)
  • Professional teeth cleaning and Bleaching etc.

We also provide treatments in sedation and general anesthesia for anxiety patients on regular basis

We cover a large spectrum of dentistry with proficiency. So whether you are looking for a great dentist who can look after your teeth and keep your mouth in great shape or perhaps you are interested in more specialist treatments  such as smile design, teeth straightening, dental implants or sedation for anxiety patients,  then we are the right dental practice for you. We assure a comfortable experience undertaken with utmost care, skill and attention to welfare of Patients. If you would like to know us a little better, why not give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment. Welcome to „Die Oldenburger Zahnärzte“...

Location Osternburg

Dragonerstraße 1 - 26135 Oldenburg
Tel.: 04 41 / 2 52 25

Location Bürgerfelde

An der Südbäke 1 - 26127 Oldenburg
Tel: 04 41 / 6 30 53

Location WECHLOY

Drögen-Hasen-Weg 19 - 26129 Oldenburg
Tel: 04 41 / 7 77 57 77

04 41 / 2 52 25
04 41 / 6 30 53
04 41 / 7 77 57 77